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Treats for All Life Stages

Partially Extruded Wafer Treats for your animals

Our goal with PetPuff Treats™  is to supply a healthy alternative reward for your animals. 

Customers are saying they love the healthy wafers and their animals are too!

We DeHydrate our treats so the quality ingredients are not Baked Out

No Corn  - No Molasses

Committed to Quality

We believe quality should never be a compromise. 

Healthy Ingredients for your companions is our goal. 

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PetPuff treat™ Family

PonyPuff Treats


Horse Treats

Our PonyPuff Treats are partially extruded wafers containing ingredients as antioxidants. Horses are Loving them!

Original Alfalfa Flavor

APPROX. 50 Treats per container

PawPuff Treats


Dog Treats

Our PawPuff Treats are so Healthy & Good!

Made with Porcine Meal and other ingredients as antioxidants, these are a great healthy alternative to your dogs treats.

Use for Training or just a special treat! 

For 1 - 25 pound dogs you may wish to break the treat in half.  

APPROX. 50 Treats per container 


 "Porcine Meal is the protein product after the fat and moisture have been extracted in the normal rendering process. Porcine Meal is derived from pork raw material. It is golden to medium brown in colour. "

GoatPuff Treats


Goat Treats

Our field testing came back with huge reviews! 

Goats are going wild over our healthy treats!

Essential Oil Carrot Flavoring!


 APPROX. 50 Treats per container  

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PetPuff Treats™ Family

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